Why join the Toongabbie Physie Family?

Why do our members love physie?

"I love physie because I've made great friends and so has my daughter."

Shirley - Parent 

"I love physie because I get to dance a lot!"



With experience in both physie and dance from a very young age we offer classes that are well rounded in both technique and safety.

As teachers we love:

  • Watching the girls confidence improve.

  • Seeing parents watching their children achieve, whether it be an award or a simple improvement from class to class :)

  • Watching the girls make friends (don't think we haven't noticed that some get there 45 mins early to talk :) )

  • The smiles on the girls faces when they know they've done something great or improved.

  • Hearing that the girls practice like crazy at home and at school.

  • Sharing our love of physie and seeing physie become part of our members lives like it is part of ours.

  • Watching our Toonie family grow.

  • That our mothers and daughters can share physie together.

  • Watching and hearing our members LOVE physie



(are mostly Physie enthusiasts! )

Go to a teachers class, for 2 hours a week to learn the work for the first half of every year. 

Are not in it for the money… what money? Most clubs are not-for-profit. 

Most teach out of a love of sharing Physie with others.

"I love physie because it's lots of fun and I love my teachers."


"I love physie because I've made so many new friends!"


"I love physie so much because I get to see my teachers and my friends."


"I love physie because I have met so many wonderful people that are more like family than friends. Its also a fun way to keep fit"


"I love physie because you get lots of exercise and you get to do different performances".


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