Appearance rules


Hair Styles
Girls must have their hair done in simple styles only.
Long hair must be in a pony tail, plaits, bunches, half up/half down, or loose with no height (ie. no “boofs” in the front) – no elaborate curls, teasing or pinned in curls. Ballet buns at the back of the head or neck only are permitted to be pinned in. Similarly, short hair must not be teased for height or width. Hair must NOT be frizzed in high and WIDE styles. False hair pieces are NOT allowed.

Hair tinting and colouring to match colour of leotard is NOT permitted

Hair Accessories (for individual competitions)

A plain coloured ribbon (either, satin, nylon or lycra) NO WIDER THAN 2.5 cm
may be worn in ALL Junior Champion Girl competitions. The ribbon may be tied around the ponytail/s in a SINGLE BOW ONLY or it may be worn as a SINGLE head band. NO MULTI COLOURED RIBBONS OR OTHER HAIR ACCESSORIES except neutral coloured hair pins are permitted to be worn in any Champion Girl Competition. Foam donut inserts for buns are NOT permitted.

Girls may NOT wear leg, face or body tan in any circumstances with the exception of Junior girls being taken up to a Senior Team.

Eye Make-up
5 – 12 years may not wear any eye make-up including eye liner, mascara, false eye lashes or face/body glitter.
13 & 14 years MAY wear minimal amount of eye liner and mascara. They may NOT wear false eye lashes, eye shadow or face/body glitter.

Face Make-up
Only a minimal amount of lipstick, blush and foundation may be worn. No face or body glitter or tan to be worn on the face.

Girls may NOT wear jewellery of any description (however, the smallest size plain ear studs are allowable only if they cannot be removed and must be covered).

Tights / Stockings
ALL JUNIORS may wear skin coloured plain or mesh styrrup tights in teams or champion girl. These are optional.

Junior girls from 5 – 14 yrs MAY NOT WEAR acrylic nails or any other type of false nails or nail polish.

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